Charcuterie Class was Fun & Delicious!

Charcuterie Class was Fun & Delicious!

Local chef Brent Mero led a group in our first Charcuterie Class at Lake & Local. This was a highly requested class, and we were glad to make it happen!

charcuterie class table setup at lake & local greensboro ga

Participants were given a cutting board and knife set, as well as their charcuterie board, which they got to take home after the class, and a printed guide sharing basic tips for building a charcuterie board.

The class began with Chef Brent giving an overview of various types of cheeses. He discussed how to work with cheeses based on firmness, preparing hard cheeses like gouda and parmesan differently than softer cheeses like brie and boursin. 

charcuterie class learning about cheeses lake and local greensboro ga
The class was able to sample different meats and cheeses, then prepare their own boards. They learned cutting techniques for cheeses and folding techniques for meats.
charcuterie class students prepare boards lake and local greensboro ga


Chef Brent shared these basic guidelines for a charcuterie board:
  1. Everything should be cut into pieces that can be consumed in one or two bites.
  2. One or two pieces of each item per person is enough for an appetizer board.
  3. Meats should be set out right before serving.
  4. Cheese reaches full flavor if set out 30 minutes to one hour before serving.

finished charcuterie board lake and local greensboro ga

Common Meat Choices:

  • Prosciutto
  • Coppa
  • Soppresata
  • Cooked Lunch Meats
  • Pates
  • Sausages

Types of Cheeses:

  • Hard - Parmesan, Gouda
  • Firm - Cheddar, Colby
  • Semi-soft - Havarti, Munster
  • Soft - Brie, Boursin
  • Blue-veined - Roquefert, Gorganzola

Other items you can include are breads, crackers, pickles, dips and spreads, and fruits.

CLICK HERE to check out all of our upcoming classes. Our next Charcuterie Class will be posted soon!

Visit Lake & Local at 104 S. Main Street in downtown Greensboro, Georga.

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