Covers in the Round: Music in the Garden

Covers in the Round: Music in the Garden

On Friday night, May 20th, the garden was transformed into an intimate concert venue as local musicians Scott Deering, Ronnie Pittman, and George Nour performed for guests at Lake & Local.

scott deering ronnie pittman george nour lake & local greensboro ga

Scott Deering is well-known around the Lake Country, and tends to perform with his band, The Usual Suspects. Earlier this year, Scott reached out to Kirsten and Kelly to inquire about the venue. He said he and his friends are always looking for new places to play, and the garden seemed like a great space for an acoustic set.

guests in the garden at lake & local enjoy live music

The wheels were put into motion. Scott rounded up Ronnie PIttman and George Nour, and the three talented musicians put together an incredible set list that included their favorite songs from the 70s to present-day, including favorites such as "Wildfire" by Michael Martin Murphy, "Lady Down on Love" by Alabama, and "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield, which really got the crowd going!

The garden was set up to accommodate up to 50 guests, with chairs set up in the round, and bistro tables scattered around the walkways and around the fountain. Iron Fork Cafe catered a delicious menu of hickory jack chicken sliders, steak medallions and mash potatoes, and pork tacos, and provided a beer and wine cash bar.

garden view lake & local covers in the round

As the sun set and the garden lights brightened, the crowd started to get more involved in this intimate show, singing and dancing along, and enjoying the stories the musicians shared about each song they played.

The musicians themselves had such a great time that they continued to play well after their initial 10pm cut-off, and all of them have expressed the desire to do another show in this special venue. 

george nour scott deering ronnie pittman play music at lake & local

The crowd, the music, the food, and the garden all came together to create a unique and magical experience. We can't wait to have more shows here at Lake & Local!

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